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Notes for the Book My Spirit Wife Paperback

Notes for the Book My Spirit Wife

October 21, 2023
Paperback $15.65 USD
by David F. Farbrook (Author)

“Turn off the light” a voice complained in my head.

‘What’s that you say?’ I asked. ‘Who are you?’

“Well if she doesn’t want you, I do.”

‘Hey, now.’ I gulped again. I was genuinely scared this time. It was like one of those out-there movies I saw on Netflakes, “The Outer and Beyond.” I was gathering the covers up over my head like Scrooge did when the ghost of Jacob Marley came to haunt him. ‘You’re cold and you really need to go now.’ I said, not quite coming to my senses.

“I think I will stay for a while.”

For some reason, I stopped being scared and I sat up. I was still sleepy and with my eyes half-closed I saw this image of a very beautiful woman with flowing red hair and very disarming eyes that sparkled with some kind of internal light. I opened my eyes wider and the image was gone. I squinted again and the image reappeared. And do you know what? I had no time to remark to myself about how interesting that was at the time.
‘Are you the ghost of Lee? Did she die is that why you are haunting me?’

A charming story of a man who met and fell in love with a spirit, and the spirit who changed his life, grew his heart and brought renewed hope into his lonely life.

St John Transformed

St. John Transformed

January 12, 2023
Kindle $14.80 US Paperback $47.97 US
by Farbrook and HiKaLu (Authors)

Examining the Gospel of St. John using topo-diagrammatic references developed by Carl Ferbach-Flarsheim under his Sage Name, HiKaLu, Doctor of KOTOTAMA. What Fernbach-Flarsheim began in 1967 with the Boolean Poetry, The Conceptual Typewriter program for computers and the symbols that had their roots in the I-Ching Hexagrams, and the Egyptian Book of the Dead, evolved using the structure of interpreting the sounds from the KOTOTAMA Life Principle developed by Nakazono. Commentary by Dave F. Farbrook.

The Stand-In A Boolean Picture Book

The Stand-In A Boolean Picture Book – Book 2

June 4, 2022
Hardcover $40.97 US
by Dave F Farbrook (Editor)

Carl Fernbach-Flarsheim was intensely involved in international concrete poetry and intermedia for a decade beginning in the 1960s. His exchanges with John Cage, Ian Hamilton Findlay, Dick Higgins, Jackson MacLow, and others proved his many vanguard interactions. In 1970, Carl Fernbach-Flarsheim (using his Sage Name, HiKaLu), began his studies of the Kototama Principle. His Art followed his philosophical beliefs that revolutionized his concepts of concrete poetry. Fernbach-Flarsheim describes a whole new way of seeing the world, the cosmos, and the progress of civilization. HiKaLu diagramed the action of the sounds as he learned from his teacher who wrote, “We have only 5 dimensions [5 senses to observe the] world in us, and it is the all of [what we call] Universe, then once you can see it clearly, there is no more [and we can live] fearless.” If we consider the human being a micro-cosmos, we perceive this phenomenon in a specific way and to our own sensors we look, smell, feel, etc. in a manner that articulates to us “me.” What is the “me” of the solar system? Or a galaxy? By use of the Boolean Image, we can simulate such a “me.”.

The Heart of a Humble Wildflower

November 15, 2021
Kindle $3.99 US Paperback $14.49 US
by Sarai Saporta (Author), Dave F Farbrook (Editor)

A story of a woman whose dream to be a creative soul had to take many turns and that brought on many frustrations. However, she was successful in looking into life with creative flair and always brought her experiences and inspiration that made her unique. In New York, she started the first Woman’s Liberation Caucus in New York. In New Mexico, she worked at the Kototama Institute and was one of the founding members there. She helped to bring about the production and documentation of so many articles, lectures, and books.

C Est le Numéro 3 D’Approches: The Conceptual Typewriter

October 24, 2021
Paperback $12.00 US
by Carl Fernbach-Flarsheim (Author), Dave F Farbrook (Editor).

The Conceptual Typewriter program for the computer display unit, teletype, and button console. Written by Carl Fernbach-Flarsheim as programming instructions for the conceptual typewriter. The sequential display of symbols creates a hierarchy of labels. The message of the typewriter is meant to be meditated on. Decisions should not be easily arrived at by the viewer as they would be in the case of a verbosemantic message.

During 1964 through 1971 Carl Fernbach-Flarsheim was actively showing his artwork. He taught at Tyler School of Art at Temple University. Carl opened the door for many exhibitions and collaborative efforts in the US. He gave technical commentary that generated interest for many artists to show their work from all over the world.

D P R: A progression of a life trajectory

October 17, 2021
Kindle $4.00 US Paperback $14.79 US
by Carl Fernbach-Flarsheim (Author), Dave F Farbrook (Editor).

Carl Fernbach-Flarsheim, the stories, the short poem, and the letter that describes a progression of thoughts and reactions to experiences, and memories, a life trajectory that brought a sense of completion in one artist’s life and hopefully opens the door to a new generation to consider the behavior of the human mind, the physical and the spiritual.

The Five Books Of Moses: “A covenant with myself and with all those that are between: I bring the war to a close.”

October 11, 2021
Paperback $19.95 US
by HiKaLu (aka Carl Fernbach-Flarsheim) (Author), Dave F Farbrook (Editor).

Carl Fernbach-Flarsheim, under his Sage Name HiKaLu, is an interpretation of the Five Old Testament scrolls referred to as the Pentateuch. He wrote this book in part to bring the memories of war within himself to a close and based his ideas in part on what he learned through his teacher Sensei Mazahilo Nakazono. Carl Fernbach-Flarsheim adopted his Sage Name HiKaLu sometime between 1971 – 1985 and referenced it to himself for the remainder of his life in Santa Fe, New Mexico. This version of the out-of-print original edition has only been changed with the addition of the cover. The art and calligraphy are true to the original version printed in 1984.

A Play For Puppets: A Play in Three Acts Paperback

August 17, 2021
Kindle $2.99 US Paperback $7.65 US
by HiKaLu (aka Carl Fernbach-Flarsheim) (Author), Dave F Farbrook (Editor).

“Play for Puppets” which he also drew the illustrations, is filled with axioms, pointed comments about the state of the world, it is humorous, but sometimes very serious. It could be said that the play has sound bytes that seem to have roots in existentialism. But the principles of the sounds and the order of perception described in the Second and Third Civilizations can clearly be observed in the characters he brought to life in the play.
There is evidence of cruelty, when the characters who are deep in the concrete perception of the Second Civilization, characterize war, anger, and intuition that is colored by generational gender inequality. Towards the end, the audience observes changes take place on concepts of the cosmos. Ideas of the race for equality, that became just another competitive grip for control, give way to a new order. Our attention is focused on new ways of interaction. – Amazon Books

My Favorite Louisiana Recipes
November 14, 2019
Paperback $53.95 US
Edited By: Dave F. Farbrook
Photos By: JJ Alexander

Kitchen Recipe Book: When you bought this book I am sure it was with the expectation of finding a few good recipes to enhance your self-discovery through food. I hope what you have taken away from this book is the experience of actually living in New Orleans.
Published By: Amazon Books

Other Books I have edited:

ABC Words Have Power paperback
August 16, 2021 – $12.50
Book and eBook by JJ Alexander

Your words can bring order or they can bring chaos. Words have the power to uplift, inspire, motivate, and encourage a child to shoot for the moon, grab a star, become a hero and make the impossible, possible by following their dreams and never giving up. This book will give young readers the power to speak words of encouragement over their own lives, dreams, and family. By using positive words, kids will realize that they can succeed, knowing that greatness is within them and all they have to do is speak it into existence. – Amazon Books

Xavier The Brave Little Crab:
August 16, 2018 – $7.99 US
Book and eBook by JJ Alexander (Author)

Learn the lesson from Xavier the Little Crab, if Mr. Doubt, Mr. Fear, Mr. Safe, Mr. Party-Goer, and Mr. Follower or the community, say to stay in your sandbox and don’t go out into the deep sea where the Deep Sea Monster lives to blow you up with its tail. Go and sail anyway – find your greatness! – Find this on Amazon Books.

Letters of Wisdom and Quotes to My Younger Self: 
May 1, 2019 – $17.99 US
Book and eBook by JJ Alexander (Author)

Letters of Wisdom and Quotes to My Younger Self is made for all who are undergoing similar journeys filled with trials, mistakes, and errors and who realize that there is a quest that is awakening in each to find true purpose in life. – Find This and Other Books by JJ Alexander on Amazon Books