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Although a few isolated poets have been making concrete poems for some time, it would be an exaggeration to speak of a concrete poetry movement in the United States. The American concrete poet finds himself in the strange position of being associated with a new formal movement whose origins are foreign and many of whose foundation stones were laid by E. E. Cummings and Ezra Pound. more:  Would you like to learn more? (Updated: 2/21/2021)


The Boolean Theatre: An Invitation

Come Closer to Perception


Invisible City: Philadelphia and the Vernacular Avant-garde, Notes on the Underground selection by Sid Sachs.

The Stand-In A Boolean Picture Book

June 4, 2022

The Stand-In A Boolean Picture Book

NOW ON SALE! Carl Fernbach-Flarsheim was intensely involved in international concrete poetry and intermedia for a decade beginning in the 1960s. His exchanges with John Cage, Ian Hamilton Findlay, Dick Higgins, Jackson MacLow, and others proved his many vanguard interactions. In 1970, Carl Fernbach-Flarsheim (using his Sage Name, HiKaLu), began his studies of the Kototama Principle. His Art followed his philosophical beliefs that revolutionized his concepts of concrete poetry. Fernbach-Flarsheim describes a whole new way of seeing the world, the cosmos, and the progress of civilization. HiKaLu diagramed the action of the sounds as he learned from his teacher who wrote, “We have only 5 dimensions [5 senses to observe the] world in us, and it is the all of [what we call] Universe, then once you can see it clearly, there is no more [and we can live] fearless.” If we consider the human being a micro-cosmos, we perceive this phenomenon in a specific way and to our own sensors we look, smell, feel, etc. in a manner that articulates to us “me.” What is the “me” of the solar system? Or a galaxy? By use of the Boolean Image, we can simulate such a “me.”

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The Stand-In A Boolean Picture Book

The Stand-In A Boolean Picture Book

June 4, 2022, Hardcover $38.00
by Dave F Farbrook (Author)
Coming Very Soon

The Heart of a Humble Wildflower

November 15, 2021, Paperback $14.49
by Sarai Saporta (Author), Dave F Farbrook (Editor)

C Est le Numéro 3 D’Approches: The Conceptual Typewriter

October 24, 2021, Paperback $12.00 US
by Carl Fernbach-Flarsheim (Author), Dave F Farbrook (Editor).

D P R: A progression of a life trajectory

October 17, 2021, Paperback $14.79 US
by Carl Fernbach-Flarsheim (Author), Dave F Farbrook (Editor).

The Five Books Of Moses: “A covenant with myself and with all those that are between: I bring the war to a close.”

October 11, 2021, Paperback $19.95 US
by HiKaLu (aka Carl Fernbach-Flarsheim) (Author), Dave F Farbrook (Editor).

A Play For Puppets: A Play in Three Acts Paperback

August 17, 2021, Paperback $7.65 US
by HiKaLu (aka Carl Fernbach-Flarsheim) (Author), Dave F Farbrook (Editor).

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So Little is Known…

Interview date: 3/12/2021

So Dave tell a little bit about yourself.
I could answer that in terms, when I was younger that would be considered black and white in clarity, when I was in school I was a student, I was on a quest or a journey to find myself. I thought I could find it in the reflection of life and character portrayal that the theatre arts offered. However, I realized very soon that the theatre became a series of masks that I would wear when I was on occasion and that I was quickly losing my self-identity. I wanted to be married, to have children and be rich at one time, I wanted to go back to believing in everything, it looked simple and easy on my mind. But now, that I am older I realized that life and the world in general would no longer let me go and do that. (more)

Coming Soon

The Boolean Theatre

The Boolean Theatre
Author: Dave F Farbrook
ISBN: 9798616991096
All rights reserved.

I have a book project that is close to ready for publication on Carl Fernbach-Flarsheim.  I have completed a 300-page project covering my father’s years as an artist back east and included the years after he moved to the Southwest.  It begins with describing the purpose of experiencing conceptual art, Concrete Poetry and the Boolean Image in its beginnings, using the computer as a tool. The artist continued to improve on the original manifesto of this concept with strongly structured research. The project contains a discussion of Natural Science as interpreted by nuclear physics as a modality and artistic interpretation of 50 sound vibrations as the basis of understanding his work. Both views are given as contributing philosophy of human understanding and recording of phenomena.  Approximate word count: 44,108 with 120 pages of rare artwork not previously experienced by the public.

Title: The Boolean Theatre
Please let me know of your interest.

Albuquerque NOW!

Albuquerque NOW! is a podcast series dedicated to getting back to experience living as a personal experience that should be cherished. I feel it is a fight to keep the world’s views from invading the balance we try to keep. Our personality and personal values belong both private and to that which we hold dear such as family, personal goals and a brightness in our future. I stand and declare that I don’t want to change the world just enjoy my part of it and I certainly don’t want the world to invade my views and run off with my happiness and try to change me. – August, 2020

The Creation of a Personal Story |

What is this website for?  It’s to help promote my skills and abilities. The purpose is to support information already available about me in LinkedIn and other additional employment sites with samples of my work.  Additionally,  I felt it was important to describe my place in my family since all have made important contributions in their area of expertise.

When did my story begin?
In deciding the scope of my personal story’s beginning I had to involve the creation of an idea that took time to develop. Personal stories are meaningful; the way my late wife Catherine and I met is an example of a story, one that she would have wanted me to write someday.  I came to realize I could remake myself into something I really had a desire to do.  I wanted to be a Storyteller of individuals’ personal stories that come from a variety of sources, backgrounds, traditional histories and community.  I realized that this could be used to promote concepts for grants when supported with data. (more)