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The Boolean Theatre

The Boolean Theatre
Author: Dave F Farbrook
ISBN: 9798616991096
All rights reserved.

I have a book project that is close to ready for publication on Carl Fernbach-Flarsheim.  I have completed a 300-page project covering my father’s years as an artist back east and included the years after he moved to the Southwest.  It begins with describing the purpose of experiencing conceptual art, Concrete Poetry and the Boolean Image in its beginnings, using the computer as a tool. The artist continued to improve on the original manifesto of this concept with strongly structured research. The project contains a discussion of Natural Science as interpreted by nuclear physics as a modality and artistic interpretation of 50 sound vibrations as the basis of understanding his work. Both views are given as contributing philosophy of human understanding and recording of phenomena.  Approximate word count: 44,108 with 120 pages of rare artwork not previously experienced by the public.

Title: The Boolean Theatre
Please let me know of your interest.

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