The Creation of a Personal Story |

What is this website for?  It’s to help promote my skills and abilities. The purpose is to support information already available about me in LinkedIn and other additional employment sites with samples of my work.  Additionally,  I felt it was important to describe my place in my family since all have made important contributions in their area of expertise.

When did my story begin?
In deciding the scope of my personal story’s beginning I had to involve the creation of an idea that took time to develop. Personal stories are meaningful; the way my late wife Catherine and I met is an example of a story, one that she would have wanted me to write someday.  I came to realize I could remake myself into something I really had a desire to do.  I wanted to be a Storyteller of individuals’ personal stories that come from a variety of sources, backgrounds, traditional histories and community.  I realized that this could be used to promote concepts for grants when supported with data. (more)