The Boolean Theatre: An Invitation

Please accept my invitation to review a fascinating proposal that is near completion. It is about the history, research and appreciation of the artist Carl Fernbach-Flarsheim. What began as the Boolean Image and Concrete Poetry evolved into a surprising new view of his art and an in-depth exploration of the anatomy of his work. Word count: 45,486, page count: 120, images of artwork

What happened to an artist who was interesting only to certain art lovers who appreciated the avant-garde? As interest has grown and comments left on my website became more specific on history, research and appreciation of the artist’s work, I realized there was a growing hunger to know more about Carl Fernbach-Flarsheim. I wrote the project to offer a wider view of his art and include an in depth exploration of the anatomy of his work.

The proposed project begins with describing the purpose of experiencing conceptual art, Concrete Poetry and the Boolean Image in its beginnings, using the computer as a tool. The artist continued to improve on the original manifesto of this concept with strongly structured research. The project contains a discussion of Natural Science as interpreted by nuclear physics as a modality and artistic interpretation of 50 sound vibrations as the basis of understanding his work. Both views are given as contributing philosophy of human understanding and recording of phenomena.

Discussion with illustrations of Carl Fernbach-Flarsheim’s art, times, and legacy, introduces a method of art that focused strongly on the interpretation of the human mind with manifested sound vibrations. The project opens original concepts by describing what the artist researched, published and concluded, creating a groundwork for other artists to map and develop poetry into the next generation of composition and arrangement.

This project is the result of a thorough search of the artist’s material and notes. It describes sound vibration imagery found in nature and the cosmos in detailed topographical modeling, color and form. It contains an interview with his youngest son, who is actively following his father’s legacy into the next generation of web-art.

Boolean Theatre Outline of Contents

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