Dave Farbrook

  • Success: Much of my success I can attribute to the personal vision that my parents introduced to me (more).

I mention my high school briefly because it was so influential in carving my individuality today.  I attended a high school that was considered an alternative high school from the traditional schools in New Mexico.  At age 11, when I arrived with my family in 1971, the school systems in New Mexico were in trouble and falling behind and there was a real concern about that.

My parents went to great lengths to put my brother and I in schools that emphasized free and “new” education styles.  But they were privately run and expensive, before long we were enrolled in the public school system. Later, graduating from BF Young Jr. High (middle school), a new high school program started up aptly named “Santa Fe Alternative High School” and some called that a “school for drop-outs.”

That it was attended by so many children whose parents were hippies or “drop outs” from society may have also contributed to the term.  It was considered taking a chance with my scholastic future.  During those years it was the best time for self-discovery I ever had.

It was founded and run by a Christian Brother who had a vision for education that would probably be closely termed a “magnet school.” The teaching was more experimental because much of the creative learning was driven by the dedicated teachers and staff.  It gave to me all the approval I needed to follow my heart.  I painted murals for my school, wrote stories for the school year book, participated in community outreach and in Theatre.  By my senior year I was looked up to by many of my peers and I took leadership and advanced classes.

I found it exciting that many of the children who attended became very successful, one friend became a Purchasing Agent at Montbleau And Associates, San Diego, CA, another an important programmer for Microsoft and still another in the film industry in Santa Fe, NM.   Since then, I have been enriched by the teaching perspective of Christian-based schools throughout my life. I am an Alumni of the College of Santa Fe (a.k.a College of Arts and Design) in New Mexico.

When I turned 16, I began my career in Theatre, and became involved with professional stage productions. During my twenty-something’s as a Theatre student, I worked closely with the staff and other students in helping to support summer events in the Greer Garson Theatre. I worked stagecraft in lighting, sound and stage productions.

I also helped with technical assistance in conference rentals.  I enjoyed learning about costume designs from period to modern also helped in the college’s Instructional Learning Center at the library.  Additionally, I helped with many community performances and local Theatre productions.

I took a leadership role in training others in audio visual and other theatrical equipment, repairing them as needed.  It was a new responsibility for me, in those days, to be expected to personally improve both in philosophically and with skill building.   I took each new course with my knowledge of style, aesthetics, history and art appreciation while simultaneously growing with core classes in math and science.

It has made me very adaptable and individualistic in my “Renascence” approach to life and I teach that to my children as well.  I worked as a Theatre Technician from 1979 through 1985 and graduated the College of Art and Design with a BFA in Technical Theatre.

In the early part of 2013, I returned to school to pursue a Masters in psychology and focus on Behavioral Health.

Certified and Licensed in PTSD Diagnostics, Treatment, and Recovery, (2013).

College practicum with Casa Milagro Residential Services (2010).