Notes for the Book My Spirit Wife

David F. Farbrook

October 21, 2023

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Notes for the Book My Spirit Wife Paperback

“Turn off the light” a voice complained in my head.

‘What’s that you say?’ I asked. ‘Who are you?’

“Well if she doesn’t want you, I do.”

‘Hey, now.’ I gulped again. I was genuinely scared this time. It was like one of those out-there movies I saw on Netflakes, “The Outer and Beyond.” I was gathering the covers up over my head like Scrooge did when the ghost of Jacob Marley came to haunt him. ‘You’re cold and you really need to go now.’ I said, not quite coming to my senses.

“I think I will stay for a while.”

For some reason, I stopped being scared and I sat up. I was still sleepy and with my eyes half-closed I saw this image of a very beautiful woman with flowing red hair and very disarming eyes that sparkled with some kind of internal light. I opened my eyes wider and the image was gone. I squinted again and the image reappeared. And do you know what? I had no time to remark to myself about how interesting that was at the time.
‘Are you the ghost of Lee? Did she die is that why you are haunting me?’

A charming story of a man who met and fell in love with a spirit, and the spirit who changed his life, grew his heart and brought renewed hope into his lonely life.